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A Comprehensive and Holistic Approach to 

Mental Health and Wellness

My name is Regan Haight and I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) with a specialty as a Board Certified Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP).  PMNHPs diagnose mental illness, order diagnostic tests, prescribe medications and supplements, develop behavioral plans​, engage in a wide variety of types of therapy, and provide psychoeducation for clients with psychiatric disorders and mental health issues arising from environmental and interpersonal or relationship stress.  I want to help you along your path to optimal mental health and wellness and can assist you in many ways.  


I have completed an Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship and am a Certified Integrative Psychiatric provider.  I seek to align individuals and their healthcare for optimal health and healing across the lifespan. My approach is person-centered, prevention-oriented, holistic, evidence based, and makes use of integrative testing and therapies, complementary therapies, conventional medication when indicated, and the therapeutic relationship, to invoke the power of inner healing resulting in symptom relief, improved outcomes and functionality, and a more enduring quality of life.  


I use a wide range of diagnostic tools to assist in this process, such as serum testing to assess overall health, nutritional reserves and organ function, genetic testing, organic acid testing (OAT), stool testing, food sensitivity and hormone testing to identify possible root causes of symptoms which may include:

The Gut-Brain Connection: Dysbiosis and Intestinal Permeability ("Leaky Gut") and chronic GI inflammation from food sensitivities and dysbiosis results in neuroinflammation, malabsorption and nutritional deficiencies. This is a primary cause for the neurotransmitter and hormone metabolism imbalances, which result in mental health disorders and symptoms of anxiety, brain fog, low energy, sleep disorders and even pain and migraine syndromes.

Detoxification Pathways: Methylation issues and disruption of hormonal communication from molds, metals and other environmental exposures.  

My Education

Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2000 (BSN)

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Master of Science in Nursing, 2009 (MSN, APRN)

Integrative Psychiatry Institute, Boulder, Colorado

Integrative Psychiatry Fellowship, 2019

Certified Integrative Psychiatric Provider

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy  MAPS Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Practiotioner with a focus on Ketamine ASsisted Therapy as well as MDMA and Psilocybin, pending FDA rescheduling and legalization.  


AN​CC: Board Certified Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC)

MAPSPsychedelic Assisted Therapy Certification

EMDR Institute: Certified Advanced EMDR Practitioner

Certified Trauma Yoga Teacher: CYT 500 hours

Mindfulness Based Practitioner

Perinatal Support International (PSI): Certified Mental Health Provider

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